Dan Eggertsen,
Walleye Fishing Researcher

12 Backcountry Walleye Fishermen Reveal Jealously-Guarded
“Fish Slamming” Secrets They Used To Catch Walleye... Or Starve!

Discover how these unusual “primal instinct control” secrets attract walleye and stimulate attacks… now you can haul in monster walleye too!

Dear Walleye Fisherman,

If you think you've "tried everything" for catching walleye, you're in for the biggest shock of your life.

There's a secretive fishing brotherhood that discovered how to stimulate walleye "instinct triggers". Their closely-guarded techniques consistently embarrass almost every other fisherman who tries to compete.

These old school walleye fishermen aren't any smarter than anyone else, but there's a serious advantage they had that most guys never will…

They Were Forced To Catch Walleye… Or Starve To Death!

When you're dirt poor (some of these guys grew up during the Great Depression and World War II), and your survival depends on catching fish -- you figure things out real quick. You’ll do almost anything to put a free meal on the table... and you'll catch the hell out of 'em, even when other people swear they "aren't biting".

These good ol’ boys survived by discovering unique and brilliant methods of catching walleye.

Why walleye? Because they were the best tasting fish in these guys' fishing spots. (if you cook 'em right, they are damn good eatin')

These fishermen figured out how to catch them like crazy... now they've become small town legends. (They're also known for pulling out walleye when nobody else can get a bite...)

Even professional walleye fishermen can’t hold a candle to these guys.

Look, anyone who gets paid to catch walleye as a professional knows what they are doing.

But every professional walleye fisherman has to follow certain rules. And most of them never had to catch walleye to put food on the table. (Some of the pros come from serious money, with their big boats and expensive fishing equipment)

In A “No Rules” Fishing Contest,
Who Would You Bet On?

The fishing pro who normally follows strict tournament rules… or…

The “old school” walleye fisherman who had to crawl inside the mind of a walleye… discover how to trigger its attack instincts… and haul them in by the bucket-load so his family could eat that night?

I’ll put my money on the old school guy all day long, and twice on Sundays!


Because I was lucky enough to break into an inner circle of walleye fishing gurus. And the secrets they use are so unique... and so damn effective for stimulating walleye attacks that other fishermen just can’t compete.

Most of us aren’t desperate enough to spend years testing different strategies. And when you’re desperate -- you’ll do whatever it takes to pull up a mother-load of walleye… fast.

These Old School Fishermen Prove It Has
Nothing To Do With Luck...

Sure, everyone gets lucky once in awhile. Hell, I’ve been in the same spot with the same bait on back to back days. On day one I was shut out… but on day two I absolutely killed it! And I’ve got no explanation why.

But how about the old school guy who “kills it” every time he goes walleye fishing? I’ll tell you one thing… it ain’t luck.

You get to your fishing spot and ask, “Did you guys catch anything?”

You hear bad news from almost everyone out there. “Not a bite”, or “Caught a couple small ones and had to throw ‘em back.” Soon, a few guys get bored and go home.

Then you see a rugged old guy out by himself. He’s catching keeper walleye, and throwing them back, because he caught his limit 2 hours ago!

He’s in the same location, at the same time of day, using similar equipment… but he’s pulling up dozens of walleye, while everyone else struggles.

The first time you see a guy like this, you might think he’s just a lucky S.O.B. But when you see him doing it again, and again, and again – it drives you absolutely crazy because you can’t figure out how he’s so damn good.

You see, catching walleye consistently has nothing to do with luck because…

These Old School Fishing Gurus Laser Focus On
The Only 3 Areas Of Walleye Fishing That Matter

1. Find them (If you can’t find ‘em, you ain’t gonna catch ‘em)

Give one of these guys a 10 second glace at your body of water – and he’ll know EXACTLY where the walleye are waiting to ambush.

You see, walleye have certain “programmed” tendencies. And if you know the secret for using mother nature to target areas with the largest numbers of walleye, you’ll be the guy fishing in exactly the right spot. (There are also tactics these guys use to exploit the natural habitation –- attracting swarms of walleye to almost any spot!)

2. Get walleye to attack YOUR bait

The old school guys know how a walleye thinks, and they use special techniques to trigger its feeding instincts… stimulating an instant attack.

They get bites consistently using “doctored up” baits and lures with special movement patterns. When done right, these techniques are irresistible to walleye.

Plus, they’ve discovered how to sense more bites…

You’d be shocked how many walleye have taken your bait into their mouths, then spit it out and got away… without you even knowing.

Of course, some nibbles are impossible to detect. But if you get the inside scoop on how to detect more strikes, you can easily increase the amount of walleye you catch by 300%... no shit! (Don’t believe me? Just wait until these good ol’ boys show you a few bite sensitivity secrets. Your jaw will hit the floor when you see how many you’ve been losing!)

Bottom line: you don’t want to fish next to one of these guys… unless you don’t mind watching him pull ‘em out right and left -- stealing most of the action with his secret techniques.

3. Bring them in (without losing them!)

FACT: Walleye don't usually hit your bait hard. Usually they gently "mouth" it first, and it’s easy to lose ‘em by setting your hook wrong.

There’s only one thing worse than going home without a bite. It’s losing a record-breaking walleye in the middle of the fight because it spit your bait out. (Or worse, your line breaks)

You see, losing walleye was not an option for master walleye fishermen with families to feed. So they discovered fail-safe methods to bring in the biggest fighters… even those thrashing “monsters”.

Imagine the huge increase in walleye you’ll catch with just a few old school secrets in each of these areas (finding fish, getting a bite, reeling it in)… you can easily ten times the amount of walleye you catch starting next week.

Who Are These 12 “Old School” Walleye Fishing Legends?

These old guys are some crazy characters... it'd be a hoot throwing back a beer with any of them.

But under the surface, they're hard core walleye fishermen.

And due to circumstances beyond their control -- each guy found himself in a situation where he had to catch fish for survival. For some it was growing up in the Great Depression or World War II... for others it was being in a large family, with low income.

Here's a quick list of all 12 guys:

Fisherman #1: Joel "Sneaky" Janssen (He's been "fine tuning" his sneaky biological walleye fishing secrets his whole life... and uses them to get an inside edge on almost every other fisherman on the water.)

Fisherman #2: "Pastor" Dave Pistagnesi (This guy has been slammin' walleye for 45 years, and has developed a system for catching his limit by 10am almost every single time! The "Pastor" is a family man, which is why he's discovered how to haul 'em in fast... so he can get back home to his grand kids.)

Fisherman #3: James "The Bait Chef" Ketchum (He's a bait testing fanatic, and has discovered bait selection strategies, combinations, and modifications that walleye attack like rabid dogs!)

Fisherman #4: Ed "The Outfitter" Karshner (Over years of owning and operating a local walleye fishing outfitter, he's rubbed elbows with some of the best old school fishermen in North America. He's tested every single strategy they've given him... and he's found 5 deadly presentations that blow everything else away...)

Fisherman #5: Bruce "The Jig Master" Myers (Over 55 years of walleye fishing in Canada and Minnesota, he's perfected the art of "jig tweaking" to trigger maximum strikes. Through the years he's also discovered why certain jigs and techniques actually turn the walleye bite off...)

Fisherman #6: Travis "The Skunk Killer" White (This guy has been catching walleye his entire life... and has never been skunked! His walleye attraction secrets are second to none because he'll do whatever it takes to haul 'em in, and he's tried almost everything.)

Fisherman #7: Stuart "The Assassin" Steele (His 3-step fishing system is designed to "triangulate" the location of ready-to-ambush walleye... provoking attack strikes with secret baits that mimic their natural enemies.)

Fisherman #8: James "Whopper" Wood (Some guys go for the numbers... but James goes for the monsters. He's been hauling in "hogs" for over 35 years with his old school rotating bait strategies. He even joined the Washington Walleye Circuit for a couple years to put his old secrets to the test. His techniques didn't fail him, and he won several tournaments!)

Fisherman #9: Jay "The Eskimo" Dayton Jr. (He's famous in his hometown for pulling walleye through the ice hand over fist. His 10 deadly ice fishing strategies have made him a local walleye fishing legend... in fact, he's been on the evening news several times!)

Fisherman #10: Frank "The Ice King" Anselmo (This crazy Canadian has been closely-guarding his secret walleye ice fishing system for years. He's discovered a process for accurately predicting walleye hotbeds under the ice... triggering strikes with unique "fluttering" presentations.)

Fisherman #11: Carl "The Canadian Walleye Warrior" Case (His favorite old school secrets work best for trolling... including his secret bait patterns that can stimulate a walleye ambush! He's always done things very differently than other walleye fishermen... which is why he's got the inside edge after years of experimentation.)

Fisherman #12: Rick "The Worm Wrangler" Thompson (His dad taught him every walleye trolling secret in the book... starting when Rick was 2 years old. His secrets include modified jigs, baits and killer worm harnesses that "clean house" on walleye...)

These old masters don’t use expensive gear, and they laugh at the latest “hot gadget” or fishing T.V. show. They know very few of these “fads” really help people catch walleye…

Instead, they absorbed every sacred fishing secret they got from their fathers, grandfathers, and local “old masters” of the day.

I’m not talking about the stuff you’ll read in the latest “professional walleye fishing guide”. I’m talking about the old school secrets, passed from generation to generation… discovered through years of walleye fishing. Each one tested, each one proven to work by putting enough fish on the table to feed the whole family... every single night.

Do You Want In On Their Walleye Fishing Family Secrets?

If you were to ask one of these 12 old school fishermen how he catches so many walleye… he’ll usually give you a line of “BS”. Or he’ll flash a sly grin and say, “just gettin’ lucky”. Yeah, right – what a crock!

Well, a year ago, I accidentally discovered how these guys are doing it! And it turned into one of the most amazing experiences of my life…

How I Discovered The Secrets Of 12 Old School Walleye Fishing Masters Who Had To Catch Fish, Or Starve!

My name is Dan Eggertsen, and I always believed there were secrets for dominating local walleye fishing spots. It always killed me to hear about old backcountry guys bringing home enormous stringers of walleye -- while I was struggling to get a bite. (I was sick and tired of coming home empty handed... it's embarrassing!)

How the hell did they do it?

Well, one day about 3 years ago I got a surprise phone call from an old fisherman. It turns out he was friends with my Great Uncle (in World War II), and he called to find out if I was related.

He told me crazy stories about my Uncle, and we became fast friends.

Then the fishing stories started... and towards the end of the phone call (4 hours and 6 beers later), he told me about a secret brotherhood of old school walleye fishermen in the U.S. and Canada.

He said these guys have unique secrets for hauling in buckets of walleye at will - even a hundred in a single day... and even when nobody else is catching any!

At first I didn't believe him... until he told me he's one of them! (...and he proved it by revealing two fishing strategies that absolutely floored me!)

I was dying to find out more, and I told him I wanted "in" on all these secrets. And that's when he gave me a brilliant idea!

For this idea to work, I had to get each of these guys on the phone. So he gave me a list of their names and phone numbers. (He laughed when I asked for email addresses... most of these guys don't even have computers)

Then I called every single one of them on the phone. (I even had to track down a few guys that had moved...)

And once I got ahold of them, it was like pulling teeth to get any information about their walleye catching secrets… but after a lot of begging (and a special incentive) they slowly started talking…and once they got going, I couldn’t get them to shut up!

“Legal Bribery” Convinced Them To Reveal All Their
Closely-Guarded Walleye Fishing Secrets!

The key was to get these tight-lipped old guys to start talking. It wasn’t easy, and I had to get creative.

You see, for years people begged these old school fishermen to give up their secrets… and for years they’ve kept quiet. Frankly, I think they got tired of people expecting to get their family fishing secrets for free.

…Until A Young Whipper-Snapper Offered To Pay For Them... Me!

Who wouldn’t want to talk about something they love, and get paid for it?

But even money wasn’t enough, at first. It wasn’t until I gained their trust that they really opened up… and their secrets gushed out of the phone like water through a broken dam.

My jaw hit the floor when I discovered some of their wild and crazy methods. (Like mass walleye attraction principles, attack stimulation techniques, “bait magnetizing” secrets, etc…)

"He was so strong we thought we had a snag at first.
It took forever to get him in!"

(Click "play" to hear Larry's message - 1 minute 2 seconds)

Hi Dan,

This is Larry Baptie. I wanted to call and tell you that my son and I used Pastor Dave's main trolling strategy to catch our limit of 6 walleye each. And one of them was the 30 inch monster shown in the attached picture. He was so strong we thought we had a snag at first. It took forever to get him in!

I plan on trying the edge jigging technique next. I can't wait to see what we catch with it.

I was impressed with all of the walleye fishing tactics laid out in the course because they play to the instinctual

Larry holding up the 30 incher he caught with
Pastor Dave's trolling strategy in the course...

behaviors of walleye...and they'll work anywhere.

Plus, the information is organized into logical segments. My son and I had a great time listening to them in the car. It made our driving trip go by fast.

You delivered exactly what you said you'd deliver, Dan, and you were always polite and forthright.

The course has a wealth of information for novice or pro. All 12 of these old school fishermen have a tremendous amount of combined fishing wisdom and old secrets.

Thanks for everything, Dan.

Larry Baptie
Chardon, Ohio

It measured 30-inches exactly... and it weighed 9 pound 14 ounces!

And towards the end of the phone calls, something unexpected happened…

Half Of Them Refused To Take My Money!

As it turns out, they didn’t spill their guts because of the money. They just wanted to pass on their legacy to someone they trust. When you get old, you understand you won’t be around forever. And…

If you take your secrets to the grave, they’ll be lost…

This was a chance for these old school walleye fishermen to leave a legacy. To let someone they trust record their fishing secrets, their stories, their words of wisdom.

They know they’ll never be forgotten now.

Imagine The Walleye You’d Catch If You Got Ahold Of
These Old School Secrets…

…and imagine the confidence that comes with knowing you’ll catch walleye instead of just hoping (like most fishermen do).

Your success will frustrate other people you fish with at first. They’ll wonder how the heck you’re catching so many, so fast.

But that frustration will turn into a deep respect for your ability to pull up more walleye than any other fisherman on the water… and do it almost every time!

"He laid out a bait presentation I used to catch almost 50 walleye in one day, on Eldorado Lake in Kansas."

(Click "play" to hear George's message - 1 minute 13 seconds)

Hey Dan, this is George Bradley calling about your Old School Walleye Fishing Course.

I've never seen another walleye fishing resource that brings together such a wide variety of fishermen and their techniques from all around the country.

They're all experienced and confident in their techniques. I was especially impressed with Travis White's enthusiasm, and the information he gave.

He laid out a bait presentation I used to catch almost 50 walleye in one day, on Eldorado Lake in Kansas. I also used one of the trolling strategies illustrated by Pastor Dave to catch my personal best 28 incher along a timber row, just before dark.

All the guys give possible locations and techniques for each time of the year. They also lay out the tackle you'll need in each situation so you don't waste time and money on things that don't work.

I believe this stuff will work anywhere, as long as you follow the advice for adapting the color and size of your baits to the water you fish on.

Dan, you did everything you said you'd do. You provided the best information you possibly could, you shipped the course on time, and you checked to make sure I received it.

I'm very impressed with what you've put together, and I feel it will be an excellent resource for any fisherman.

Thanks again...

George Bradley
Springfield, Missouri

4 of the keepers George caught on his first trip
after receiving the Old School Walleye
Fishing Secrets course...

Just think about the thrill of walleye slamming your bait almost the instant it hits the water, and…

Picture The Looks On Your Buddies’ Faces When You Catch More Walleye Then All Of Them… Combined!

They’ll be scratching their heads wondering how you caught so many, if you put the perfect old school secrets to work.

Catching walleye will be easy for you.

You’ll know exactly where to go, what to do, and what bait to use in every situation… in any body of water. (even if you’ve never fished there before!)

"I tried one of the combination baits... and caught 30 walleye in 4 hours during the early summer."

(Click "play" to hear Ravi's message - 1 minute 7 seconds)

Hi Dan this is Ravi Canaran, one of the owners of your old school walleye fishing course.

The course is very well put together with clean diagrams, easy to read material, and quality CD's.

I tried one of the combination baits that James Ketchum uses and caught 30 walleye (between 3 of us) in 4 hours during the early summer. In my area, at that time of the year, it is rare to catch that many so quickly.

This same presentation also caught a big 23 1/2 inch walleye when I was trolling off the bottom. I can't wait to try all other other great stuff in the course.

Thanks for being so straightforward with everything Dan, you've been a sincere pleasure to deal with.

Bye, Dan.

Ravi Canaran
Maple, Ontario

One of the many beauties Ravi slammed with James Ketchum's "combination bait" secrets...

Imagine how it will feel when you are the “fisherman to beat”… everyone watching you like a hawk.

Then… BANG, BANG, BANG! They’ll sit in stunned silence while you hook up with walleye after walleye. But the fun doesn’t stop there…

You’ll Discover Monster Walleye Tactics For
Catching The Biggest In Your Spot!

You can feel the thrill of hauling in trophy-sized walleye more often than ever. That’s because some of these secrets focus on attracting and targeting the biggest walleye in your spot... almost automatically.

Ever dreamed of breaking your local walleye record? The “Monster Walleye” techniques (listed below) will make it possible by drastically increasing the size of walleye you catch.

" I changed it up exactly like he (Carl Case) did... and
I caught a whopping 16.2 pounder
... my biggest ever!"

(Click "play" to hear Brian's message - 40 seconds)

Hey Dan, this is Brian Stacey calling.

I wanted to give you a call and let you know that I've used one of the same jigs Carl Case uses in your walleye course to catch dozens of walleye in a single day. It works like a charm!

But that's not all. I changed it up exactly like he did, by tipping it with a mud minnow... and I caught a whopping 16.2 pounder... my biggest ever.

You've put together a unique course here Dan. Getting the information right from the horses mouths was a great idea, and it's like nothing I've ever seen before. The course is excellent, and I'd recommend it to anybody.

Thanks again.

Brian Stacey
Picton, Ontario

2 other monsters Brian caught with Carl Case's jigs..

Now, brace yourself for the most amazing “step-by-step” collection of old school walleye fishing secrets on the planet.

Old School Walleye Fishermen #1: Joel "Sneaky" Janssen

Joel has been catching walleye in lakes, reservoirs, and rivers his entire life. Over the years he's figured out how to get the inside edge over his buddies (and almost everyone else out on the water!)

After decades of trial and error he's discovered dozens of sneaky biological tricks for slamming walleye like there's no tomorrow. And now he's the most respected walleye fisherman in his local area.

Now he's going to show you all his proven walleye catching secrets that hook 'em like crazy! You'll discover:

A monster walleye slamming “recipe” Joel uses to haul in trophy sized 29-inch monsters, while his buddies are struggling to catch 15-inch keepers! (Joel will detail every piece of this brilliant recipe including the conditions, location of his casts, and the very specific "super-bait" he uses!)

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 44 seconds)

How to give any 4 pound test line the strength of 15 pound test. (You’ll get a high number of hookups because walleye can't see 4 pound test line under water... and when you hook a monster, you’ll be able to muscle him in quickly without breaking your line!)

How to catch a trophy sized whopper that could break your local record by using an enormous old school bait you can find in every region of North America! (This bait gets consistent strikes from the big ones in late fall, right before the snow)

A simple "baiting strategy" that only targets (and attracts) "keeper" walleye. (It's disappointing to reel a fish in... only to find out it's embarrassingly small -- and way under the legal limit.) (Joel's simple strategy only attracts big ones that will hit your bait so hard you'll feel it in your bones!)

How to trigger attacks from finicky walleye with an old school plastic bait that “shocks” them into fight mode! (This is perfect for those situations where walleye are down there... but they aren't biting)

A little "coloration secret" for maximizing your bait's walleye catching power more than 20 feet under the surface. (This works because of how a walleye's eye sees color in deeper water... and it won't work as well in shallow depths.)

Joel's ultimate "go to" bait that combines a unique underwater rattle with a slow wobble to catch walleye in any situation... almost without fail! (...and when you combine it with his special technique for pausing it in front of a walleye's nose, then jerking it to stimulate a strike... you'll be unstoppable.)

A special type of rod that will give you cannon-like casting distances and naturally "smooth" presentations that attract walleye like crazy. (You can find these rods almost anywhere, and they won't break your pocketbook)

The summertime “crank bait slaughter secret” that slams every major game fish in the water, including walleye and bass! (This one defies all common fishing wisdom by requiring you to use a camouflaged bait in low light conditions, where rocks meet the weeds.)

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 13 seconds)

How to create “side drag” on your live bait so it puts up a fluttering struggle that forces walleye to move in for the kill. (The secret to making this work is in your bait rigging, and the unique “side sweep” motion Joel will show you...)

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 16 seconds)

2 brilliant jigging techniques for picking up quick bottom strikes in areas where walleye are holding deep. (One of these techniques “scrapes” the bottom and triggers anger strikes. The second one dangles an irresistible presentation a few inches above their eyeballs... so they go up to grab it!)

The simple "science" behind a walleye's underwater sight... and how to modify your presentations to "trick" them into biting in clear or cloudy water! (Hint: water clarity plays a huge role in how you should be fishing... and if you don't make these small adjustments, you'll miss big hookups right under your nose.)

3 "shifty" bait retrieval strategies that tap into walleye's foraging instincts... triggering strikes in any spot around feeder creeks and tributaries. (These spots are usually productive anyway... but Joel has discovered secret retrieves that will blow the roof off your catches!)

2 big artificial baits that trigger hard-hitting strikes from big walleye. (Use the 4 inch version to catch keepers all day long...and go to the 5 inch one to go for the record!)

A secret steel leader rigging (with strategic double hook placement) designed for how a northern pike attacks it's prey! (Just in case you catch Northern Pike, this will give you automated hook sets -- without a miss!) (Joel makes it himself using a spool of braided steel, clamps, and treble hooks. It has a patent pending... and he’s going to show you exactly how to make it in less than 8 minutes.)

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 42 seconds)

The #1 reason most beginning walleye fishermen suffer time-wasting "rat's nests" on their reels... while their friends catch all the fish. (Joel's gonna show you a secret that will completely eliminate rat's nests... and it'll only cost you $4 and 15 minutes of your time!)

4 devastating spring time “sniper rifle” baits for targeting larger walleye around weed edges.

A seasonal live bait guide that reveals the biological reason why walleye’s tastes change... and the exact presentations that will keep the bite going strong throughout the year.

How to rip fish out of the water like an automatic fish catching machine by exploiting a man made "walleye bucket" commonly found throughout the U.S. and Canada. (Joel can catch over 100 walleye in a single day by targeting these spots with little 3-inch fatheads on his secret jigs...)

The "vanishing line secret" that makes thicker ice fishing line completely invisible to walleye under the surface. (Now you can practically eliminate breakage by using heavier line under the ice... and walleye still won't be able to see it!)

The big blunder 95% of ice fishermen make that raises “red flags” in a walleye’s brain... causing them to swim away without biting! (This has to do with tip-up riggings... and he’ll show you a “covert” ice fishing presentation that easily slices through walleye's defense mechanisms!)

A very specific retrieval pattern that fools walleye into thinking your bait is an injured baitfish. (This works so well with certain suspending lures that it's almost unfair...) (Hint: keep your line tight on the “pause” which is when walleye will explode on your bait!)

And much, much more!

Old School Walleye Fisherman #2: "Pastor" Dave Pistagnesi

Dave has seen and done it all over 45 years of walleye fishing. He's a church pastor and family man... and he's developed unique jigging secrets for rapid-fire walleye fishing.

In fact, he's one of the guys who brought his deadly style of jigging to the Detroit river over 25 years ago... along with his friend, the famous "Jig Man".

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 25 seconds)

...and now, he's fine tuned these brilliant techniques to catch his limit by 10am almost every single time.

Here's a little of what he'll reveal:

The huge mistake most right-handed fishermen make that allows almost half of their hooked walleye to escape... before even knowing they had a bite. (If you're right handed, you are probably making this mistake. Just imagine what it'll be like once you fix this problem... and nearly double your catch count overnight!)

How to increase your sense of touch by over 100 times with an incredible "ultra bite sensing" walleye fishing rod! (It's very affordable... and Dave swears you'll feel the slightest nibble so you can hook the fish before it knows what hit.)

A secret old school rigging that instantly hooks any walleye "touching" your bait... even if it's a gentle peck! (Some may call it cheating... but it’s perfectly legal. You can literally send your bait down into a small school of walleye and hook one almost instantly.)

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 29 seconds)

The amazing “ginsu” hook that can instantly increase your catches of walleye by 30%. (Just hear what Dave’s good buddy “The Jig Man” says about this little-known Japanese super hook!)

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 13 seconds)

A devastating 4” rubber bait Dave discovered 22 years ago when he saw a female tourist haul in more walleye than the experienced locals! (He uses it to this day, starting in May of every year...and the walleye destroy it!)

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 19 seconds)
A “free spooling” secret Dave discovered that will give you precision control of where your bait travels underwater... and transmits even the slightest nibble to your fingertips. (It can be hard to drift your bait into walleye hiding spots... but now you'll plunge your bait into the middle of any "honey hole" and pick up a quick strike, with just a flick of your finger!)

4 killer body baits that mimic a forage fish walleye are biologically programmed to hunt. (Dave rotates between these 4 baits to slaughter walleye consistently!)

How to “piggy back” off the success of experienced river fishermen... and catch a mess of walleye from right under their noses. (You’ll have to watch the guys for about 10 minutes before you get your line wet... but it'll pay off when you move in slam one after another, after another...)
How to quickly modify any jig with a $2 can of paint to increase the number of walleye that slam it in a single day!

A foreign bait fish that is slowly taking over northern lakes…and a sneaky method of using them to piss of walleye and trigger an attack!

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 8 seconds)

An old school slope fishing secret Dave’s buddy used to destroy the competition in a local walleye fishing tournament.

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 37 seconds)

Why the boat driver can catch more walleye than anyone else if he knows what he’s doing... and how to use this knowledge peat the pants off everyone else on board.

An amazing secret for expanding the walleye’s 3-inch strike zone. (If you ever hear someone complaining they aren't catching any, odds are they don’t know about this.)

3 steps for determining if the walleye are “active” or “inactive”... and how to modify your rig (and technique) to catch each one. (If you aren’t aware of your prey's mindset - you’re just “guessing and hoping” you’ll catch one. Now you'll know exactly what they're waiting for... and give it to them!) (Hint: inactive walleye are just as easy to catch as active walleye... if you know this secret.)

How to trigger hard-hitting walleye strikes by naturally free-spooling a special bait rigging in river current.

An amazing "hump drifting" secret that automatically guides your bait into the waiting mouths of walleye ready to ambush anything that appears... for a guaranteed strike almost every time! (Just turn around and do it again...)

A secret "dribble drifting" technique that can instantly increase the number and size of walleye you catch. (This is so subtle nobody will pick up on how you're catching so many, so quickly... and it takes less than an hour to master!)

2 simple methods of minimizing line twists and breakage by up to 50%. (This has to do with the type of line you select, and an ingenious system for rigging up barrel swivels)

And much, much more!

Old School Walleye Fisherman #3:
James "The Bait Chef" Ketchum

James is the biggest "bait tester" I've ever seen... and he's discovered secret bait combinations, modifications, and selection strategies that can trigger instant strikes from walleye in almost any situation.

Of course, you've gotta find 'em first... and James will show you some sure-fire strategies for that too!

Here's just a few of the brilliant strategies he's gonna show you:

A “mixed bag” of walleye baits that combine to create secret (and deadly) combinations walleye are pre-programmed to attack! (You can catch almost 50% more Walleye by using James' bait combo secrets...)

How to tell the difference between leeches walleye slaughter with reckless abandon, and the "duds" they completely ignore... before you get out on the water. (Some walleye fishermen swear leeches don't work well... and some won't use anything else. Now you'll know the 3 characteristics your leeches must have for maximum catches.)

How to find wicked-looking “devil minnows” walleye are instinctively programmed to destroy. (Walleye are very territorial when confronted with these natural enemies... and you’ll have a serious advantage over every other fisherman in your spot if you use 'em.)

The “shake” test that indicates how quickly any worm will get hammered by walleye! (If your worm passes this 2 second test, you'll increase your chances of triggering a quick strike... and avoid wasting time with worms that never get a bite!)

A small carp-like bait that resembles a springtime walleye egg predator... and slaughters walleye in clear water! (Hint: don’t waste your time using these in murky or stained water...)
James' amazing depth fishing "system" that's perfect for catching tons of walleye around drop-offs and ledges. (This tactic uses the thermocline to present the most natural bait presentation possible... and walleye can't resist.)

How to pierce a nerve in any minnow's backside to give it a unique “wobble” that attracts walleye like moths to a flame!

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 6 seconds)
2 hook selection secrets that almost completely eliminate walleye escapes during your hook set! (Imagine getting a perfect hook set on even the slightest nibble... almost every time.) (Hint: these wicked walleye hooks are made by mom 'n pop shops with small marketing budgets... but James will show you exactly where to get 'em.)

A sneaky technique of using a styrofoam bobber and a toothpick to "prop" your bait just above walleye's eye level... turning almost any normal bait into an enticing "easy meal". (Use this with every bait to pick up quick strikes, and increase your daily catch count!)

An old school "sinker breakaway" catfish rigging James has adapted for catching walleye in heavy cover. (This genius rigging will cut your number of hangups and breakoffs in half!)

A secret walleye killing spinner James uses to slam walleye in almost every northern region of the U.S.! (It sends walleye into an all-out attack because of the unique vibration pattern it emits... and the color contrast between it's single blade and skirt.)
How to stimulate a walleye's senses of sight and touch (at the same time) to trigger an uncontrollable bite reaction almost instantaneously!
How to “set up” strikes with a natural forage fish walleye won’t take right away... and follow up with a sizzling presentation they'll slam on site! (Warning: the second bait won’t work until walleye have seen the first...)
James’ favorite night fishing line that's as strong as 20 pound test, has the size of 4 pound test, and actually gets your bait down to the bottom faster. (... plus it's completely invisible underwater and gives your bait more time in the walleye hot-zone!)
A devastating “trailer” that can triple your catches when you add it to any feathered jig (like a Marabou jig). (Hint: you'll be cutting up a common earth-dwelling creature and dangling it behind your jig to trigger explosive walleye strikes!)
Why most fishermen miss easy hookups by using out-of-the-box hooks on crank baits... and how to increase your catch count by swapping them out for deadly walleye hooks. (These unique hooks will sink deeper into a walleye's bony jaw -- taking away almost all chance of escape!)

How to use a piece of steel wool, needle nose pliers, a blow-up swimming pool, and James' simple instructions to tweak your baits for a huge increase in strikes.

A simple trolling system that attracts bottom-dwelling walleye monsters with an erratically swimming "prey fish". (This deadly combination of unpredictable wobbling, flash, and strong vibrations clicks big walleye into battle mode...)
An old school double hook rigging that gets instant attention from walleye because of it's strategically placed Dakota spinner... and doubles your chances of hooking a fish when you use James' 2 specially rigged bait presentations.

How to fire up the bite after it slows down by cycling through 3 artificial lure combinations that keep bigger walleye "guessing"... and kick the action into high gear!

How to modify a unique "twin tail" jig to gain an unfair advantage over almost every other fisherman in deep water. (James will show you how to replace part of the head, repaint the eyes, and lace it with a secret walleye "flavoring" that absolutely kills 'em!)

How to catch your limit of walleye in under 90 minutes with a "bait dipping" secret that scientifically determines what they're looking for -- so you know exactly what to give them.

The “special order” Canadian bait James would use if he had one hour to catch a limit of walleye... or die! (He’ll tell you exactly who his secret source is, and how you can get them too.)

And a lot more!

Old School Walleye Fisherman #4: Ed "The Outfitter" Karshner

Ed has "inside access" to the deadliest walleye fishing techniques on the continent. You see, Ed owns a fishing outfitter shop and rubs elbows with some of the most experienced walleye fishermen in the country.

Not only has Ed been fine tuning his own fishing secrets for the last 30 years... but he also listens closely any time an old veteran comes into the shop and talks walleye fishing.

This guy has more tricks up his sleeve than you can shake a stick at. Hold onto your hat...

Ed "The Outfitter" reveals:

How to attract the attention of walleye over 100 yards away with a flashy presentation they'll "seek and destroy" in clear water!
The “bottleneck secret” for instant discovery of bottom-hugging walleye ready to ambush.
An old school “bait collision” strategy that stimulates walleye strikes in any location with submerged structure. (You’ve gotta be willing to "beat up" your baits to unleash this brilliant secret... but it’ll be worth it when you get your arm broken by a monster!)
The only 2 bait color categories that actually increase the number of walleye you catch... maximizing your time out on the water. (Ed has proven you can trash almost half of all walleye lures on the market because they won't catch squat. Now you’ll know which ones to avoid, and which ones will take your catches through the roof.)
How to "setup" your next 3 casts by ripping an impossible to catch bait through the water... instantly grabbing the attention of every walleye within 30 feet. (If you get this right, you can "prime" a whole school to attack your next 3 casts!)
How to use the wind to make you completely invisible to walleye… and give all your baits a mouth-watering "bounce" that drives them into a frenzied assault! (The wind is your best friend, regardless of what everyone else thinks... and Ed will show you how to set this up to clean house on windy days)
A tested walleye attracting scent that sends 'em torpedoing towards your bait... ready to feed! (Ed has proven there's no quicker way to fill your spot with ready-to-strike walleye!)

How to use any bottom cruising bait to trigger multiple blind-sided walleye strikes by simulating a naturally occurring predator vs. prey scenario. (Hint: the key is to "jerk" it at exactly the right moment... causing a chase!)

A deep diving lure walleye attack like crazy in hot weather… and a unique technique of trolling so it “drops in” and stimulates surprise strikes from deep water schools of walleye.

A unique "live bobber setup" you can use to catch springtime walleye with a golden or red fin shiner. (This works best in calm conditions where you've gotta keep your bait off the bottom...)

Ed’s "trolling physics guide” for keeping your bait 2 inches above the eyeballs of walleye waiting for an easy meal... and the 3 trolling presentations they'll grab on sight! (You'll discover exactly what to use, how to set it up, how fast to troll, what line weight to use, and what hook size to use...all depending on your local conditions.)

Ed’s secret “burn technique” and bait matching strategy that consistently hauls in bigger than average walleye. (Bigger fish are harder to catch... and Ed has figured out how to bypass their biggest defense mechanism with this sneaky technique.)
A sneaky "process of elimination" strategy for quickly determining the current super-bait walleye will hit with reckless abandon! (There’s always one bait that will outperform the others by a huge margin... and Ed’s got an easy way to find it.)
How to use a secret English hook (and pre-attached leader) to triple the walleye hooking power of your live bait! (The 2 hook points give this specialty hook a vice-grip on your bait... and will make it almost impossible for a walleye to escape your hook set.)
An “ascending” lure walleye will chase and attack when they’re at a depth of about 6 feet. (Anytime you see someone get a shallow strike, you'll know how to use this killer lure to engage a walleye's chase instinct... and quickly catch the daylights out of them!)

A secret rig Ed used to haul in a 9 pound, 5 ounce walleye while trolling in April of 1997! (It isn't his biggest, but it's his proudest moment because his buddies were laughing at him when he rigged it up. They weren’t laughing for long…)

...and much more!

Old School Walleye Fisherman #5:
Bruce "The Jig Master" Myers

He's caught walleye in almost every region of North America that has 'em... and he's been doing it for over 55 years.

FACT: Bruce and 3 fishing buddies caught exactly 658 walleye in just 7 days using a secret "ugly minnow jig".

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 26 seconds)

His ability to trigger walleye strikes with secret modified jigs is second to none... and he's gonna show you everything.

You’ll discover:

A devastating trolling system that rips into walleye like a buzz-saw... for the fish-fighting night of your life! (This only works at night... and only if you "mark" the weedlines the day before...)

How to identify worthless "walleye jigs" that are a complete scam. (These work good for crappie, but some equipment distributors falsely market them as "walleye jigs"... and they won't catch walleye worth a squat!)

A secret Bruce uses to add "flutter 'n flash" to his baits... giving walleye 2 big reasons to strike!

How to determine when you have a walleye on the end of your line by monitoring your "rate of decline"... even when you can't feel a thing.

The single most productive walleye lure on the market that outpulls all others Bruce has tested... and he's used almost all of them! (Hint: it’s a specialty jig made by Lindy)

2 qualities every jig hook must have to take full advantage of the unique shape of a walleye's mouth... and their preferred angle of attack. (Bottom line: if you use these hook styles you'll increase your percentage of hookups... period.)

How to "adjust your aim" and instantly increase the average size of walleye you catch. (Over the last 10 years environmental changes have forced big walleye to change their location and feeding habits throughout North America... and Bruce will show you how to adapt your strategy to challenge the local walleye record!)
Bruce's summertime jigging "one-two" punch that never fails him. (You'll combine the effectiveness of two 4-inch jigs to take your summer walleye fishing to the next level...)
An ugly-looking minnow jig Bruce and 3 buddies used to catch exactly 658 walleye in just 7 days!

A killer "custom" jig that blows away anything you can get at the store. (It's easy to make, and Bruce has determined that the color blend is a big reason it works so well...)

The "tin rigging" that slaughters walleye around bottom structure when you use a secret 1/4 oz. jig. (Walleye can be extremely skittish... but this super-natural presentation flies right under a walleye’s defense radar... triggering an attack!)

How to catch a mess of walleye in the rain with Bruce's "storm fishing" secrets. (Walleye become more active in the rain, and Bruce will show you an easy method of finding large schools... and disguising your baits so they get hammered!)
A little-known "lazy eye" jig Bruce has used to catch hundreds of walleye in a single week. (Bruce has been using this to get a leg up on his buddies for years!)
A specially rigged bait Bruce uses as a last resort when they won’t hit jigs, lures, or live bait. (This emergency bait usually won’t get attention from walleye when they're in attack mode... but when the bite is slow, it can instantly trigger a strike reaction!)
How to use a special "black wire" in your rigging (instead of swivels) so you have a more natural and attractive walleye presentation. (Bruce will show you a super-simple way to set this up so you get the same benefits of a swivel... without any added "bulk".)
A sneaky way to trick deep water walleye into shallow feeding grounds with a special top water lure. (This works like gangbusters because it triggers a walleye’s instinct to chase your bait into the shallows... while everyone else is struggling in deep water!)
A 30 minute "quick 'n easy" ice fishing setup that slams winter walleye like clockwork! (Just follow Bruce's simple strategy for drilling 7 strategically placed holes... and baiting your lines...)
And more deadly techniques for catching walleye!

Old School Walleye Fisherman #6:
Travis "The Skunk Killer" White

Travis White has never been shut out when fishing for walleye...and he's been at it his entire life!

At first I didn't believe him... until he told me how he did it. This guy really has tried everything!

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 11 seconds)

...and when he shows you his ingenious techniques, you'll see that this guy is willing to do whatever it takes to catch 'em...

Here's a little of what he'll show you:

How to slowly kill your minnow so it releases natural “distress chemicals" that drive walleye wild... triggering a ferocious attack! (...the results are even better when you combine this with Travis' old school bobber setup...)

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 11 seconds)
An unsnaggable rigging that can get consistent walleye strikes in any body of water. (This one kills 'em because of the unique "leech action" it gives your bait. It's also easy to setup, and easy to use... so even the laziest fisherman can outcatch his buddies.)
A small pill you can find in almost everyone's medicine cabinet that triggers a walleye strike on sight! (Travis will show you how to rig this to any jig setup... and you'll be shocked by the walleye's instantaneous response.)
How to force your leech to "point up" at a 45 degree angle... so it gets slammed by bottom swimming walleye. (The fish will think the leech is "easy prey" attached to the bottom!)

A legal “trick” that exploits the nocturnal foraging behavior of walleye... attracting them in droves. (This clicks their brains into hunting mode so they nail your baits like crazy...)

Travis' list of strike triggering power grubs… and a little secret for doctoring 'em up to stimulate more walleye action!
The 3 jig rotation Travis uses to keep his amazing "no skunk" streak alive... (Travis has never come home empty handed, and his 3 jig rotation is a huge reason why!)

How to present a perfectly natural floating forage food walleye suck in almost every time they see it. (This works best in 2 feet of water with a unique type of jig head...)

An "accidental secret" that triggers bone-crushing strikes from huge Muskie... and how Travis adapted it to limit out on walleye, bass, and crappie almost every time.

A secret technique Travis’ grandfather taught him for using 2 different deep diving lures to slam bottom hugging walleye almost every time you try.

How a grizzled old fishing master broke a Canadian salmon fishing record with a spoon, a treble hook, a minnow, and a can of household spray! (Travis is good friends with the guy, and he's adapted this secret to catch walleye like clockwork...)

How to laser target the perfect depth with a simple flick of your wrist... and a unique “aerodynamic” lure. (This gives you instant depth control so you quickly discover what depth has the hottest action...)

How to avoid heavy cover hang ups with a “fizzy water” secret that also attracts walleye to your bait like a pack of ravenous wolves! (Now you won’t have to drag your bait through cover to find them... instead you’ll bring 'em to you, almost at will!)

5 simple ways to modify Travis' brilliant night fishing secret to catch trophy-sized walleye in the middle of the day!

An amazing trolling system Travis and his buddies used to slam 400 pounds of lake trout in 5 days... filling their freezers with a months supply of trout. (This works just as well for catching walleye!)

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 13 seconds)

A walleye catching lesson Travis discovered when he witnessed a 12 year old girl lose her big toe to a "man eating" Muskie!

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 19 seconds)

A common smallmouth bass bait Travis used to slam 6 walleye in 5 minutes of fishing before going home... happy as a clam. (He tossed it in the water as a last resort... and he's been using it ever since!) (...he hasn't told a soul about this, until now.)

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 15 seconds)

A wickedly effective (but highly illegal) method of hauling in walleye hand over fist... and a secret "tweak" that makes it completely legal in every region of North America!

...and much more!

Old School Walleye Fisherman #7: Stuart "The Assassin" Steele

Stuart has discovered genius techniques for locating walleye... attracting them to your baits with sight and sound triggers... and stimulating strikes with unique old school presentations.

He's gonna reveal every little trick he's discovered, like:

A 1/4 oz. "hairy-green" jig walleye attack instantly during the spawn! (This presentation matches the walleye's #1 spring-time enemy... triggering an instant and aggressive attack!)
A super strong and sensitive trolling setup that can catch walleye anywhere in North America because it's completely invisible under the surface. (It took Stuart years of experimentation to fine tune his "perfect" trolling setup... and now he's giving it to you.)
A homemade worm harness that triggers walleye strikes with a unique combination of sight and sound! (Stuart has kept this one a secret for years because it works like gangbusters when you're trolling...)
An easy secret for locating "optimal oxygen" spots containing hyperactive walleye that will slam any bait they see! (These hot zones move throughout the day... but when you find one, you can haul in multiple walleye in just a few minutes.)
How to make your baits "sitting ducks" for walleye by injecting air into them with a hypodermic needle! (There's a very small list of baits you can do this with... and it gives them more natural "action" for an increase in strikes.)
How to modify any worm harness with a secret knot that can increase your hookups by over 50%! (Your harness will be more effective because the modified angle of your hooks will pierce through a walleye's jaw quicker.)

An old school jig retrieve technique Stuart got from a strange "old as dirt" fisherman over 10 years ago... (This one is so simple, I feel stupid for not thinking of it first... because it works like a charm!)

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 17 seconds)
A "quick strike" trolling rig that automatically diversifies your bait and depth presentations to quickly find walleye... and reveal exactly what they'll bite on. (Plus, it'll take you only 3 minutes to set up!)
The 4-way weighting setup that can turn any 4 rods into an automated walleye hooking system! (It’ll be a cold day in hell when this fails to produce strikes, because it covers almost every possible walleye “holding zone” as you move through the water.)
How to exploit the "skittish" nature of walleye by using Stuart's bounce fishing technique. (There's nothing more frustrating than going hours without a bite... but this secret will keep consistent action going all day long...)
A special spinning blade that drives walleye crazy with its unique underwater rotation. (Stuart swears no other blade triggers more strikes... which is why he puts it on every presentation he can!)
The “2 hit” strategy for quickly catching multiple walleye in less than 8 minutes. (Stuart will show you how to prepare a "quick draw" presentation walleye will attack in almost any active spot...)
A secret bait spray that attracts walleye in droves by emitting a special spectrum of light.
How to "triangulate" the location of tight walleye schools ready to ambush passing prey! (Special Note: You must be trolling with 3 lines in the water for this to work.)

The amazing twister tail rigging secret that can make all the difference between a huge stringer of walleye... and going home empty handed! (Hint: the "angle" of your presentation is the key to making this work... and Stuart is going to show you how to set it up.)

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 13 seconds)

A deadly technique for “dragging” a twister along the bottom for explosive reaction strikes in the spring.

How Stuart used a horrific-looking chartreuse and green minnow jig to nail a 10 pound monster walleye on his lunch break... putting a group of skeptical strangers to shame!

How to "flip flop" the colors on your Rapalas (depending on the weather) to stimulate more walleye strikes. (Plus, you'll discover the 2 colors that work best on Rapalas... for a noticeable surge in your catches!)

And many more old secrets!

Old School Walleye Fisherman #8: James "Whopper" Wood

There's one thing James cares about most... catching trophy-sized walleye. Every technique he uses is geared to catch the big ones.

For the last 35 years he's been specifically targeting walleye over 10 pounds by constantly refining his "monster catching" riggings. Plus, he's discovered rotating bait strategies for catching more "whoppers" than all his buddies - almost every time.

Here's a little of what he'll reveal:

A secret bait James used to haul in four 7-pounders in less than an hour, when none of his buddies caught jack squat! (He's never heard of anyone else that uses this bait for walleye... but it's never failed to blow his buddies away in friendly competition.)

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 15 seconds)
A unique (and brilliant) technique for "auto drifting" your bait into the path of walleye waiting for an easy meal. (This works best when you're fishing gravel bottomed flats with a little current...)

A "sickly minnow" secret James used to catch seven 10-pounders in one evening... and just missed challenging the world record!

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 55 seconds)
An old school “bottom snapping” secret for catching walleye with jigs. (This one takes advantage of a walleye’s unique predatory behavior... almost forcing them to attack!)
An enormous bait James threw out there as a last resort... and caught a 7-pounder seconds after it hit the water! (His fishing buddies laughed when he tossed it out... but they shut up fast, and have been using it ever since.)
An “early bird” crank bait walleye hit like a red-headed stepchild on the bottom... in shallow water. (Note: this one only works during the early part of the year, until mid-March.)

A deadly jig, scent, and bait combination that can instantly increase the number of strikes you get. (Hint: this works so well because of the crazy-looking chartreuse, orange, and green hair jig that grabs the attention of walleye.)

How to turn sluggish walleye into ravenous predators with an old school blade bait that triggers impulsive "irritation strikes". (James unleashes this to fire things up when it slows down... while everyone else wonders why he's the only one catching anything!)
5 simple steps for setting up a wickedly-effective trolling setup James uses to haul in beautiful walleye, consistently... while everyone else wonders how he's doing it. (The special blade he slaps on in step #5 is the key to triggering explosive strikes!)

An automatic depth targeting rig that fires your bait into the walleye bite-zone seconds after it hits the water! (Ever look over at a guy and been amazed how many fish he's caught, while you've only gotten 1 or 2? This is probably how he's doing it...)

A “light deflection” secret that causes walleye to attack anything that moves. (This only works in certain spots, during certain times of the day... and James will show you how.)

An old secret for changing the size and shape of any nightcrawler on your hook... so it outcatches regular crawlers almost 2 to 1! (James actually did a scientific test to prove these results...)
How James uses deer hair to catch monster walleye at night. (...he's used this secret to catch walleye over 10 pounds!)
The only 4 presentations you'll need to catch walleye in almost every situation. (James rotates through these 4 every time he fishes... and he rarely needs anything else.)

3 big secrets for catching your limit of walleye through the ice… and how to overcome 3 silly reasons 90% of fishermen don’t do any of them!

...and more walleye catching strategies!

…And That’s Just The Beginning Of
What’s In Store For You…

These walleye fishing masters covered a ton of secrets for squeezing maximum catches out of your next trip… but there are 4 more areas that are critical for making you the best walleye fisherman possible.

Luckily, I’ve got them covered for you.

You see, while the Old School Walleye Fishing Secrets course was being created – I was also working on 2 other walleye fishing courses, and 2 special walleye fishing reports. And they are ALL complete!

As part of this Introductory Special, I’ve decided to (temporarily) give all 4 of these products away for FREE when you sign up for the Old School Walleye Fishing Secrets Course –- until midnight this Sunday, .

Here’s what I’m throwing in with the main course:

FREE BONUS GIFT #1: Advanced Ice Fishing Mastery Course ($79 Value)

Most fishermen aren't able to catch walleye consistently under the ice... and some guys spend hours in the freezing cold, with barely a single strike. That's why Jay and Frank are going to show you every ice fishing secret in their bag of tricks...

Just follow their easy old school ice fishing "systems" to locate hot spots under the ice... and rip walleye out of the water one after another... after another!

You see, these guys have almost 100 years of ice fishing experience between them, and some of the secrets you'll be using are the most effective ice fishing techniques I've ever seen...

There's nothing like hauling in a pile of walleye through the ice, while everyone else is out there struggling... and freezing. Now you'll have these old school ice fishing secrets in your arsenal to make it happen.

Here's some of what you'll find in the course:

Jay "The Eskimo" Dayton Jr.: 10 Deadly Strategies For Firing Up The Walleye Bite Under The Ice With Old School Bottom Presentations And Secret Color Combinations

With a lifetime of walleye ice fishing experience behind him, he's boiled his best old school secrets into 10 deadly ice fishing strategies.

They are so effective for pulling walleye out of the ice, he's landed on the local evening news 5 times... as the ice fishing master.

He's laid out all 10 strategies for you, along with other brilliant secrets like:

A devastating jigging strategy that can catch dozens of walleye under the ice... in just a few hours! (Hint: this technique only works with gold bladed hooks...)
A specially weighted "bottom stirring" presentation walleye destroy during early summer. (Jay has discovered a unique way of cut baiting your hooks, so you trigger tons of bottom strikes!) (This works best in 4 to 8 feet of water by an inlet...)

An amazing ice fishing system Jay has used to catch so many perch that he ended up on the evening news... 5 times!

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 27 seconds)
3 hot trolling baits Jay uses to reveal active walleye hot zones, and stimulate bites. (The little gadget he attaches to his rig is the key reason these work so well, because it automatically targets the exact depth walleye are suspending!)
A “cage rattlin” ice fishing secret that riles sluggish walleye into a cold water feeding frenzy!
How to avoid a common leader rigging mistake most fishermen make that limits the effectiveness of every bait they use.
How alcohol can give you x-ray vision through the ice... so you can identify walleye hot spots before drilling a hole.

An amazing floating jig head and body combination that consistently outcatches any other presentation in the spring!

The “clock method” Jay uses to slam 8-14 pound walleye on the surface with an oversized monster lure! (This is a brilliant way for bank fishermen to cover a lot of water quickly... with a unique presentation walleye absolutely love...)
A jointed long-bomber lure that can trigger "all day" strikes from the bank! (The deadly 3 color combination and slow retrieve you'll use triggers the walleye's feeding instinct...)
A killer lure pattern walleye attack on site in northern U.S. states and Canada... and 2 body styles that combine to keep consistent action going all day long! (Jay has used these to take home a stringer of big beautiful walleye that made his wife's jaw hit the floor...)
A simple "shift fishing" strategy that guarantees you'll catch more walleye than almost everyone else over the course of a year. (But there's a catch... you’ve gotta follow this rule every single time, without fail.)
A seek-and-destroy bottom fishing strategy that "flashes" an enticing bait presentation... triggering the chase instinct in every walleye's brain!

A small funny-looking rod Jay uses to haul in 32” walleye on a consistent basis with the extra bait "finesse" it gives him. (You may get laughed at the first time your buddies see it... until you bring up a few beauties!)

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 18 seconds)
How to combine Jay's #1 walleye jig with an old school "bait tipping" strategy for an almost unfair advantage over everyone else! (This works so well that Jay makes 'em himself... and he'll show you everything.)
A natural indicator that "points" to the most active walleye hotbeds on the water. (It took Jay almost 40 years to figure this one out because it's hard to see until you know what to look for...)

2 simple modifications that can transform any standard crappie rig into a drifting walleye catching machine! (Your presentation will look like a small group of minnows after "peppering" the rig with a specific combination of colors... so walleye will move in explode!)

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 56 seconds)
A unique floating jig presentation Jay used to hook a 34-inch female that was too big to fit in his net... and the bonehead mistake he made to lose her! (He'll show you how to set up this deadly presentation... and how to avoid his big blunder so you actually land a monster.)
An "eye ball" bait he'd slap on a 3-hook crappie rig if he had to catch 5 walleye in 10 minutes... to win a million bucks! (He’ll show you exactly how he modifies the crappie rig, blade, and bait to slay walleye quicker than anything else he's ever used...)
And many more secrets!

Frank "The Ice King" Anselmo: How To Use Barometric Pressure And A Brilliant Biological Ice Fishing System To Trigger Strikes With Unique "Fluttering" Baits

There's only one thing Frank loves more than walleye fishing... it's ice walleye fishing. And he'll only do it alone because he doesn't want his buddies to see his secret "fluttering" bait riggings, or his system for finding walleye bite zones under the ice.

Luckily I got him to tell me everything with a little persuasion... and quite a bit of money. Believe me, you won't be disappointed.

Here's what he'll show you:

How a raw beginner caught a beautiful 9 pounder on his first try, then got his limit of 12 in less than 45 minutes... all using Frank's favorite ice fishing secret! (This simple technique got the guy hooked for life, and Frank will show you how to do it too...)

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 38 seconds)
How to optimize any standard fishing reel for ice fishing in less than 10 minutes! (This will make your reeling action smooth as silk in cold temperatures so you know exactly when to let your fish run, or take in line without losing him...)
A surefire walleye ice fishing system that can catch 'em like clockwork when you're allowed to fish multiple holes at a time! (This system combines a unique still line presentation with an old school baited lure to stir up dozens of strikes in just a couple hours.)

A popular trout fishing bait Frank has adapted for walleye fishing to get a dramatic increase in his strike count!

The “mutilating minnows” ice fishing secret that can quickly catch dozens of walleye when the barometric pressure is high. (This works so well because their metabolism slows down during the winter in high pressure... and this ugly presentation serves them a fresh easy meal they don’t have to work for.)

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 24 seconds)
A little-known live bait rigging that triples your odds of getting a solid hook set walleye can't escape... even the monsters! (This gives you the ultimate advantage for landing a big fish that bites... and eliminates that sinking feeling in your gut when you lose a big one.)
2 amazing cold water lures that beat everything else James has tested in the winter. (Hint: one of them is manufactured in Sweden... and the other is the smallest walleye lure on the market.)
How to “pump” for strikes when the bite suddenly shuts down. (It's common for walleye to enter a sluggish state of mind at unpredictable times... but this one breaks through and fires 'em up again!)

A "flutter shockwave" technique that creates a wild stir on the bottom and sends out vibrations that attract walleye... and trigger an attack! (You'll do this once every minute until your bait gets nailed...)

A "set it and forget it" still line setup that attracts walleye strikes on autopilot! (This is so "brain dead easy" even a raw beginner can rig it up in minutes...)
A deep water “dead sticking” strategy that uses a special jig rigging, a high resistance rod setup, and a minnow pail to catch walleye on autopilot! (It took Frank 20 years to perfect this... now he's going to show you everything.)
The “depth shot gunning” secret that can hook a walleye in under 30 seconds almost half the time! (Hint: you’ll do it every time you change your bait or lure...)
An experimental new lure aggressive walleye maul like a pack of wild dogs! (Throw this out when the bite is on to steal most of the action for yourself...) (Frank has proven that walleye will bypass most baits to attack this one instead... but only if you use the size 2 or 3!)
How to drop your bait directly in the path of walleye traveling to a new feeding zone... before they get there! (This works best around steep drop offs. Imagine pulling out a mess of walleye before they get to the overcrowded fishing spots!)
How Frank and 2 of his best buddies slammed 18 beauties in 90 minutes after accidentally discovering a natural “wind shelter” walleye love! (This will give you a huge inside edge for predicting winter hot beds everyone else ignores...)
How to use a barometer to predict the walleye bite with surgeon-like precision! (Frank will show you know how to adjust your rigging, presentation, and speed -- based on the pressure -- so you maximize your catches!)
How to create an instant "map" of underwater structure with a low-cost device that shoots a beam through the ice. (Frank uses this to reveal spots filled with walleye in an area 20-30 yards wide... so he knows exactly where to drill his holes.)

The perfect time, place, and technique for catching walleye so easily it’s almost unfair! (Many old school masters won’t even fish these areas because there’s no challenge...)

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 15 seconds)
And more sneaky tricks!

FREE BONUS GIFT #2: Advanced Trolling Secrets Course ($79 Value)

One of the most powerful methods for catching walleye is trolling... and I found 2 old school trolling masters with arsenals full of lethal trolling tactics to show you how to blow your catch count through the roof.

Carl and Rick have been perfecting their trolling secrets for a combined total of 74 years... and they've been catching 'em their entire lives.

Through careful study, experimentation, and testing these guys have developed uncanny techniques that trigger walleye strikes... almost at will.

And they're going to show you everything they know.

Here's what they've got...

Carl "The Canadian Walleye Warrior" Case: Sneaky Bait Systems That Locate Walleye Bite Zones On Autopilot... And Secret Bait Patterns That Can Trigger A Walleye Ambush

Carl uses techniques I"ve never seen anyone else using when trolling for walleye... and it's given him a huge advantage.

You see, he's discovered a slew of secret bait patterns that can trigger "walleye ambushes" for anyone who knows how to use them... and he's going to show you everything.

Here's just a little of what he's got:

How Carl used a dime and a deadly orange spinner to beat the pants off 90 other fishermen in a local competition... even though he got stuck on the "wrong" side of the lake!
The 6 rod setup that automatically targets the biggest school of walleye... and discovers exactly what they'll bite. (Carl will show you the 6 different presentations you’ll use to catch 'em like a machine in almost any situation!)
A brilliant pre-trolling strategy for "prepping" multiple spots... almost guaranteeing an action packed day of walleye battle. (... as soon as the action slows, you’ll bounce over to your next "prepped spot" so you continually catch fish without missing a beat!)
How to set your drag perfectly on any reel in less than 30 seconds! (A perfect drag setting will quickly suck the energy out of any walleye on your hook, so they're easier to land... without breaking your line.)
2 trolling secrets for hooking up with trophy sized walleye in hot weather. (You'll be using a unique slow-moving presentation they'll hammer on sight in any high pressure weather system.)

An amazing gadget that will tell you exactly when and where the bite is hottest... during any time of year!

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 1 minute 13 seconds)

The amazing story of Carl’s 20 minute battle with an 11 pound walleye... and how you can use this strategy to catch your own local record!

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 30 seconds)
A deadly “walking jig” Carl uses to destroy walleye under the ice. (The jig style and color combination will take your ice fishing to another level... so keep it to yourself if you want an inside edge over your buddies.)

Carl's "patented" banana cleo combo secret for catching bigger walleye (on average) than anyone else on the water!

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 1 minute 1 second)
4 characteristics your rod and reel combo must have so it "transmits" every little tap to your fingertips... for maximum control of the hook set, and the fight. (With this kind of sensitivity, you'll lose less... and land more.)

A secret jig Carl uses to catch beautiful walleye when his fishing buddies can't get a bite! (His buddies are pissed because he refuses to tell them how he does it... and he only told me because I paid him a lot of money!)

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 46 seconds)
How to “bait” walleye into biting your presentation with an old school retrieval technique that imitates a prey fish in distress! (Carl swears there’s no better technique for slamming a ton of walleye in uncluttered “cast and retrieve” spots.)
A shockingly effective 1/4 oz. dark blue and white jig that triggers more strikes per hour than any other jig Carl has used... ever! (He believes it works so well because the paint pattern appeals to a walleye’s natural foraging instincts.)
A quick guide for matching your technique with the structure of a spot, so you avoid frustrating hang ups and tackle loss. (Most guys lose a lot of tackle in heavily structured spots... but now you'll spend your time catching walleye instead of constantly re-rigging!)
An old school bait switching secret Carl used to humiliate a pro walleye guide by slamming a monster... in a spot the guide swore was dead! (The guide and his group didn't catch a single fish... but Carl landed a dozen beauties. Now he'll show you how to use this secret to trigger a flurry of bites in almost any spot.)
A sneaky ice fishing trick for drilling holes directly over swarming winter walleye hotbeds.
Carl’s hot list of "must have" baits that work in almost every region of North America! (These baits also cover almost every fishing situation... so you'll be able to catch walleye anywhere.)
The amazing “snap jigging” secret that quickly targets "ready to ambush" walleye, and picks 'em off one at a time! (Carl stole this idea from an old stranger on Wabatongushi Lake...)

A secret “slump breaker” ice fishing jig Carl uses as a last resort when the bite shuts down completely. (He used this last winter when nobody could get a bite... until Carl dropped it down, and instantly got his arm broken by a monster strike!)

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 18 seconds)
How to gain a huge advantage over almost every other fisherman by using “underwater X-ray vision"! (Imagine having a clear view of everything beneath the surface in real-time... even the bait on the end your line.) (Hint: you won't be using an expensive fish finder.)
How to color your baits when fishing murky "rust colored" water so they create an alluring presentation walleye can't resist! (This works best if the water has less than 10 feet of visibility.)
How to use a special type of tree branch to outfish everyone else on the ice. (The guys with expensive rods and reels will wonder how the hell you're hauling in so many walleye... with a free tree branch!)

A secret “rattling lure” walleye absolutely destroy when you use a slow and steady retrieve in current. (You can actually feel the vibrations it makes through your line, which is why it triggers hard hitting strikes!)

(Click the play button to hear him say it - 32 seconds)
2 reasons spin casting reels could be reducing the number of walleye you catch. (Carl will show you the only reel he uses for walleye because it gives your bait 50% more time in the “walleye bite zone”... and makes it easy to change your bait depth quickly and easily!)
And more walleye catching secrets!

Rick "The Worm Wrangler" Thompson: How To Guide Modified Jigs, Baits, And Killer Worm Harnesses Into The Walleye "Bite Zone" To Trigger Dozens Of Ambush Strikes

Rick was on the boat trolling with his dad at just 2 years old. His dad was a master walleye fisherman and taught Rick every walleye fishing secret in his bag of tricks.

Rick still uses the techniques his old man showed him to slam walleye like there's no tomorrow... but his favorite (and most powerful) secrets are the modified jigs, baits, and worm harnesses he uses to clean house on walleye when trolling.

He'll show you all that and more, like:

How to "condition" walleye to strike your bait instantly after doing 3 strategic trolling runs over the same spot. (Each run further “greases” a walleyes attack mechanism... so they explode on your bait the 3rd time it comes by!)

An old school blade sizing secret that creates an exact match between a walleye's main food source, and the presentation on the end of your line. (This is an easy way to make your presentation mimic a walleye's natural forage food... and very few guys do this right. But it pays off big time!)

How Rick and his son used a hologram to catch over 50 walleye in less than 4 hours! (This is the single most powerful technique in Rick’s arsenal… and you’ll be blown away by the huge stringer of walleye you catch in just a couple hours...)

How to fish "behind" the wind and current so your bait gets sucked up in the blink of an eye! (This one clicks walleye into hunting mode when they see a desperate "prey" stuck in the current...) (Warning: be prepared to sacrifice some tackle in exchange for a bunch of big walleye... because you'll probably break your line at least once.)

3 simple “blue prints” for making worm harnesses that slaughter walleye in every season of the year. (You’ll take into account the clarity of your water and time of year before determining which one you'll use.) (Rick finalized these blue prints after testing them against store-bought harnesses... and blew them away!)

A sneaky trick Rick uses to create a "hot streak" any time he catches 2 walleye within 5 minutes. (...this works so good, it can keep your streak going for hours!)

3 deadly worm harness color patterns that trigger more walleye strikes than any others. (Rick has tested hundreds of color patterns, and he's going to show you the top 3… and exactly when to use each one!)
A simple secret that prevents your line from breaking if your bottom bouncer snags. (There's nothing worse than snagging your bottom bouncer, breaking your line, losing tackle, and re-rigging everything. Now you won't have to...)

The “triangle strip bait” secret that looks (and smells) like a dying bait fish under the surface... causing walleye to go for the kill! (You won’t go through as much bait, and you’ll catch a ton of walleye fast.)

An old school bottom bouncer modification that almost completely eliminates your odds of breaking line during a fight! (...nobody thinks of this quick fix, even after losing a big one because of broken line.)

A "coat hanger" secret that hooks walleye like crazy in any spot where they've just stolen your bait! (Hint: they aren’t “intelligently” stealing your bait. It’s happening because they're being aggressive... and this 5–cent secret will channel their aggression right onto your hook!)

3 steps for “reading” the banks to identify huge groups of stacking walleye ready to attack prey like a swarm of angry bees. (Rick will guide you through his systematic approach so you spend less time looking, and more time fighting walleye on the end of your hook.)

How to slam multiple walleye within 10 seconds of launching your boat! (Rick will show you exactly where walleye commonly “stack up”... and a quick-draw presentation that rips 'em out of the water before anyone else knows what happened...)

A secret jig rigging for catching walleye off the bottom like clockwork. (The angle you'll rig the jig puts your bait right in a walleye's face... and makes it almost impossible for them to escape your "lifting" hook set!)

How to use a special jig body tipped with cut bait to instantly increase the percentage of bites that turn into solid hook sets. (Walleye will actually “hold on” to this jig body almost 3 seconds longer... giving you a better chance at setting the hook so they can't escape...)

How to avoid missed hook sets by ripping a hard one before a walleye "spins" your bait. (Most misses happen when walleye release your bait to spin it around... and once Rick explains the indicator you'll get to set the hook, you'll instantly start landing more!)

Why a “kink” in your nightcrawler can instantly kill your chances of getting a bite... and how to keep it perfectly straight on your harness regardless of current.

An amazing gadget that makes it so easy for walleye to take your bait, all they have to do is open their mouths! (This exploits a little-known feeding pattern discovered by a group of biologists who studied walleye in captivity.)

How to quickly modify your worm harnesses so you outcatch everyone else in heavily fished areas. (You’ll give your presentation the right kind of "uniqueness" based on your situation... so you trigger strikes while other guys overfish standard presentations.)

A secret “shallow water” bottom bouncing presentation walleye tear to shreds in 15 feet of water or less. (The color of your blade combined with the unique action of the rigging can give you a huge advantage in these situations...)

Why walleye “spin” your bait before biting hard... and a 2 step system for stabbing your hook point through the toughest part of a walleye’s mouth -- almost every time. (You'll start landing fish other guys would lose if you do these 2 things after every bite...)

And much, much more!

FREE BONUS GIFT #3: The Top 10 "Bonehead" Walleye Fishing Mistakes ($29 Value)

Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve spent hours preparing your tackle box and equipment... you’ve spent money on bait (and gas) to go fishing… you feel the anticipation of the fight with a monster walleye…

You drop your line in, and nothing. You go to the next spot… nothing.

You become frustrated and disappointed. The goal is to catch fish, not sit there waiting to get a bite – for hours! So you finally give up and go home - dejected.

The truth is, you probably made key mistakes most casual walleye fishermen make every day. These common blunders prevent walleye from biting –- without you knowing why.

In this special “easy reading” report, the old timers reveal these major walleye fishing mistakes – and tell you exactly how to avoid them. So, instead of boredom and frustration – you’ll feel the thrill that comes with constant big walleye fightin’ action!

Just some of what you’ll discover:

A common rigging mistake that increases the odds of your line breaking by almost 50%... and the 2-second "line fix" that makes it almost impossible for walleye to snap.
A simple guide for matching your fishing depth to the conditions. (Most guys make the huge mistake of fishing the wrong depths at the wrong times... which leads to disappointing trips.)
A common misconception about trolling speed that can ruin a perfectly good day of fishing... and a $20 device that will help you maintain the perfect trolling speed -- keeping your baits in the bite zone.
A little-known secret for getting a solid hook set almost every time. (Hint: walleye hit your bait way differently than other game fish, and there's a trick to setting the hook so it's almost impossible for them to escape.)
The one item 95% of fishermen never bring that can make the difference between a historic day of fishing... and a frustrating day without a single bite.
A big mistake most guys make when buying fishing line... and a secret line selection strategy that will increase the natural look of your presentations so you eliminate "bite hesitation".
Why most beginners struggle to find walleye hot spots... and the "golden rule" you must follow to target the most productive locations on the water.
And more quick-fixes for bonehead walleye fishing mistakes!

FREE BONUS GIFT #4: “Cutting Through The Crap” Walleye Fishing Equipment Report ($49 Value, Lifetime Updates!)

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed with the amount of fishing equipment available, get ready to “cut through the crap”! This special report lists only the proven equipment you need to catch walleye… and nothing more.

You can trust the information because it comes from old fishermen who’ve experimented with almost everything. (They know what works... and what doesn't
-- because they've been at it a long time)

Follow their advice to arm yourself with the perfect equipment for your situation. You’ll only spend money on things that help you catch walleye… so you’ll never waste money on useless crap. (And you won’t have to spend hours trying to figure it out on your own)

You’ll also receive FREE LIFETIME UPDATES of this report as new equipment comes on the market… but only after each one is tested, and proven to increase your catches.

FREE BONUS GIFT #5: Free Shipping! ($15 Value)
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Imagine How Many Walleye You’ll Catch (Consistently)
By COMBINING The Secrets In This Package

Your biggest advantage will come from using one fisherman’s tactics in combination with another guys’.

You see, each of these fishermen has a different set of old school secrets that work… and you aren’t limited to information from just one guy. Instead, you’ll tap into the collective “knowledge pool” of 12 old masters!

You’ll become one of the most knowledgeable, respected, and successful walleye fishermen in your area.

Just sit back, pour yourself a drink, and…

Let These Old Masters Fill Your Bag Of Tricks With
Easy-To-Follow (And Wildly Effective)
Old School Walleye Fishing Secrets

The course has been carefully designed so it’s simple to retain the information. You'll absorb everything in 3 ways:

1. You’ll listen to these old school fishermen reveal their secrets on the CD's. (These guys are crazy characters! You'll love it…)
2. You’ll read the transcripts of what they said on the CD’s.
3. You’ll follow simple step-by-step instructions (including crystal clear photos and illustrations) of every old school walleye fishing technique in the manuals.

I personally recommend you use a combination of all three. That way you won’t miss anything.

Plus, everything is easy to understand because these guys live to fish… and they know exactly how to explain things so anyone can “get it”. (and catch lots of walleye!)

It’ll be like cracking open a beer with these old school fishermen, as they guide you through their walleye catching techniques. And when you put their closely-guarded secrets to work –- you’ll be able to whip out the best tactic, at the perfect time, in any fishing situation… and nail ‘em!

"I caught one of my biggest walleye ever using a presentation laid out in the course... with my 3 boys."

(Click "play" to hear Bob's message - 1 minute 10 seconds)

Hi Dan, this is Bob Hassett calling to give you some feedback on your walleye fishing course.

First of all, I caught one of my biggest walleye ever using a bottom bouncer rig and presentation laid out in the course. I was on Cass Lake in Minnesota, and it was 7 pounds 13 ounces, and 28 1/2 inches long. I caught it with my 3 boys, one of which took the picture.

These guys all reminded me of certain characters I've fished with over the years, and my favorite was Carl Case. 4 of his techniques have been so successful for me recently, I haven't had to use anything else.

It really helps to hear these guys talk through all the little details for getting walleye to bite ... along with the step-by-step illustrations to refer to.

I also know I'll be saving time and money in the future by sticking to the proven baits discussed in the course, and it's all summarized in the "Cutting Through The Walleye Fishing Crap" report.

My only suggestion would be to find a way for people to attach each CD to it's manual, once all the bags are opened up. But other than that, the information in the course is excellent, and will help anyone catch more walleye.

You delivered on everything you promised, Dan... and you put a lot of time and effort into this course. It shows.

Thanks for everything.

Bob Hassett
Des Moines, Iowa

Bob's beautiful 7 pound 13 ounce walleye he caught with his boys using a bottom bouncing presentation illustrated in the course!

“But, How Do I Know This Stuff Will Work Where I Fish?”

“A walleye is a walleye”… no matter where it lives. Yes, there are differences when fishing certain areas, but a walleye’s basic instincts are the same everywhere. (That’s why the best walleye fishermen “borrow” proven tactics from different areas of the country to use at home)

These old school secrets tap into those inner instincts to catch a ton… no matter where you fish. It doesn’t even matter if you own a boat…

You’ll Catch A Mess Of Walleye From Boat Or Shore…

A walleye's behavior doesn’t change depending on where you stand. (As long as you don’t scare them) It’s the techniques that make all the difference… not a $30,000 boat.

Now, some techniques in the course are targeted to either boat fishermen or shore fishermen…

But in either case, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that nobody in your area uses techniques even close to what you’re about to unleash... (you get my point )

Why These “Old School” Walleye Fishing
Secrets Can’t Be Found Anywhere But Here…

Listen, most of these old fishermen grew up catching walleye for food –- in small towns across North America. When they found a new technique for catching walleye, they didn’t tell a soul… because it wouldn’t work as well if everyone else started using it.

So they’ve closely-guarded their secrets for decades… until now.

You can forget about finding any of their stuff on the Internet. These guys don’t use computers unless their grandkids help. (It’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks!)

But they know what the Internet is... and they were pretty paranoid their secrets would spread like wildfire (over the Internet) once the course was released. So, I had to calm their fears…

Here’s Why Their Secrets Are Safe With Me And You…

1. Most guys aren't serious fishermen and won't invest in the course. So the information won't be very widespread. Only guys that love catching walleye (and want to catch more) will get the course... and they'll all want to keep these secrets to themselves.
2. It’s a “physical” course with real CD’s and paper manuals… so it’s very difficult to duplicate and put on the Internet. (Plus, I’ve put special copy protection in place)
3. I promised that the course will only be offered to a small group of “insider” walleye fishermen.

You can’t really blame these guys for wanting to keep their secrets hidden from the fishing public. These old school techniques continue to give them a huge advantage over other fishermen –- and they don’t want to lose it.

Between you and me, the agreement (in writing) is that 250 courses will be produced. Once they’re gone, I’ll try to negotiate another deal with these guys so I can produce more… but there are no guarantees.

The only way to guarantee you get a package is to grab it now.

“Okay Dan, I Can’t Wait To Start
Slammin’ Huge Walleye After Digging Into
These Old School Secrets…”

Place your order today to guarantee FREE SHIPPING and ALL the bonuses. In a few days you’ll be catching walleye at will (in any spot or condition)… Plus, these secrets will show you how to save money on equipment, bait, and gas.

You’ll never waste time and money on disappointing fishing trips. Instead, you’ll catch your limit almost every time… and love every minute of it!

"...I also caught a 9 pounder with his
trolling system in a weedy bay."

(Click "play" to hear Sylvain's message - 60 seconds)

Hey Dan, this is Sylvain Charron, and I wanted to thank you for putting together this innovative, informative, and unique course. The CD's, the humor, and the light hearted banter really compliment all the great techniques in the course.

Each guy has a different way of presenting his best techniques, and they are all real characters. I really took to Ed Karshners style best, and I've already put some of his techniques to the test.

His shallow water presentations helped me catch 30 pickerel in a single day. I also caught a 9 pounder with his trolling system in a weedy bay.

I haven't been able to try out anything else yet, but I've been through the whole course and I've seen a lot of techniques that will help me minimize frustrating trips where I can't get a bite.

I plan to try everything, and I'm confident I'll catch a lot more walleye... "pickerel" as we call them up here.

Thanks Dan.

Sylvain Charron
Timmons, Ontario

Oh what a day! 30 walleye, along with
this sweet 9 pounder caught using Ed Karshners
shallow water fishing secrets!

Here’s Exactly What You Get
Delivered Right To Your Front Door:

The Old School Walleye Fishing Family Secrets Course (includes 8 CD’s, 8 manuals, interview transcripts, and step-by-step instructions of every walleye fishing secret – including photo illustrations!) ($297 value)

Plus these 5 bonuses available for a limited time! (this Sunday, ):

Bonus #1: Advanced Ice Fishing Mastery Course (CD, manual, interview transcripts, step-by-step instructions) ($79 value)

Bonus #2: Advanced Trolling Secrets Course (CD, manual, interview transcripts, step-by-step instructions) ($79 value)

Bonus #3: Special Report #1: The Top 10 "Bonehead" Walleye Fishing Mistakes ($29 value)

Bonus #4: Special Report #2: “Cutting Through The Crap” Walleye Fishing Equipment Report ($49 value, with lifetime updates)

Bonus #5: FREE Shipping (only when choosing payment plan #1 or #2) ($15 value)

That's $548 of value when you add it all up.

"Sounds great Dan, how much will all this cost me today?"

Quick Story: This project took on a life of it’s own after I talked to the first old school fisherman. The secrets these guys revealed are far beyond anything I expected. This course is jam packed with unique old school walleye fishing secrets very few guys have ever seen.

There isn’t anything like it. My big problem is: how the heck do I put a price tag on something so unique?

Here’s what I decided to do.

I found 5 instructional bass fishing manuals. (I couldn’t find much on walleye fishing) Their average cost is $38. (…and they don’t even come with a CD, just a single illustrated manual)

Well, my Old School Walleye Fishing Course contains 8 manuals and 8 CD’s. If you multiply $38 (the average price of the bass fishing manuals) by 8, you get a price of around $300… I made it $297. (I won't even add in the 8 CD’s to this price… I’ll just throw them into the package for you anyway)

So that’s how I came up with the $297 price.

…and I’m knocking another $100 off as part of my Introductory Special going on until midnight this Sunday, . (I'm doing this because I want to give dedicated walleye fishermen a sweet deal for grabbing one quickly. But it's only good through Sunday because I promised to limit production to 250 courses... and I can't guarantee I'll be allowed to make more.)

When you grab your package before midnight on Sunday, you get everything (including the bonus gifts) for only $297 $197.

Listen: the average walleye fisherman goes fishing about 10 times per year. If you hired a fishing guide each time, it would run you between $200 and $300 per day. That works out to $2000 -$3000 per year in guide fees. (Which is why you probably don't pay for a guide every time!)

But you'll be investing only $197 total for your Old School Walleye Fishing Secrets package. (This works out to just $19.70 on each of your next 10 fishing trips!) And you'll have the knowledge to catch walleye at will for the rest of your life...

In fact, you'll be catching more walleye than the fishing guides when you put these amazing secrets to work.

Plus, you can easily save much more than $197 on useless equipment and bait over the next year by following the advice in the course. And just imagine how much you’ll save over the rest of your life…

"There's a lot more variety of techniques and old secrets than any other book or course I've seen."

(Click "play" to hear Larry's message - 53 seconds)

Dan, this is Larry Stuber and I'm calling to tell you what I think about your walleye fishing course.

I'm impressed with all these guys because they've tested so many different things for catching walleye.

I've had a chance to use some of Ed Karshners presentations and methods, and I got a 9 pounder while I was trolling.

That's my biggest, and I've been catching my limit almost every time too.

I have a lot more knowledge now, after going through the course - especially some tricks for matching my presentations to the seasons and surroundings.

You really came through on this course, Dan. There's a lot more variety of techniques and old secrets than any other book or course I've seen.

I'd recommend it to anyone I know.

Have a nice day, Dan.


Larry Stuber
New Auburn, Minnesota

Larry's beautiful 9 pounder caught with
Ed Karshners trolling secrets...

I could make a pretty solid argument that the money you’ll save will more than pay for the course – and I think I already have. This is a killer deal, but you've got to jump on it now...

Grab Your Old School Walleye Fishing Secrets Package NOW, Before The “Introductory Special” Is Gone For Good…

I wish I could set one aside for you at $197, until you are “ready” … but I can only guarantee this low price until midnight this Sunday.

And if you grab your package now, you’ll have gotten everything for $100 less than what everyone else will pay PLUS the bonuses.

If $197 still makes you hesitate, I’ve come up with 3 payment plans to make it easy on you.

Here’s How To Get Your Old School Walleye
Fishing Secrets Package Today:

Step 1. Simply click one of the blue order links below for the payment option that is right for you.

Step 2. You’ll be sent to a pre-order page where I summarize everything one more time. When you agree, click the blue link to confirm.

Step 3. You’ll be sent to our 100% secure order page. I use 1ShoppingCart.com, the leader in secure business transactions on the Internet. Just enter your complete address and payment information. Then, click the button to process your order.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your online order is 100% safe because 1ShoppingCart.com uses advanced technology to secure your payment information. As an additional safety measure, your credit card number will be removed from our system after your order is placed.

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If you want it all, right now – and you’re serious about catching more (and bigger) walleye the next time you go fishing… this is the option for you. I also give you FREE SHIPPING and handling as a “thank you”.

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Yes, you read this correctly. A 100% 1-Year Money Back Guarantee is almost unheard of these days, especially on the Internet. But the bottom line for me is: most fishermen are straight shooters. And I'm happy to give fishermen (like you) a full year to try it out. That's how confident I am that you're going to love this!

Here are the details:

From the day the package arrives at your doorstep: you’ll have 365 days to use every old school secret in the course to unleash hell on the largest walleye in your fishing spot.

If you decide you don’t want to keep the course (you don’t even have to give me a reason), just send it back within the 365 days for a full and immediate refund.

I don’t care if the CD’s are scratched, or the manuals are bent… all you have to do is send it back to our receiving address at:

Old School Walleye Fishing Secrets
4610 Prime Parkway
McHenry, Illinois 60050

…and I’ll issue you a refund on the spot (including your shipping costs). I can credit your credit card, send you a money order, or whatever method you prefer.

I won’t ask any questions, and there’ll be no hoops to jump through. Just an immediate refund of every penny you paid. No B.S.

Look, a few people may abuse my generous guarantee. But I’m willing to take that risk so you feel comfortable trying out these old school secrets today. I just want you to know there’s an easy way to get your money back if you’re not satisfied.

"You're a man of your word, something not
found too often these days."

(Click "play" to hear David's message - 1 minute 6 seconds)

Hi Dan, this is David Nimmer, and I'm an owner of your Walleye Fishing Course.

I wanted to tell you about the 22 incher I caught in Northern Wisconsin with Stuart Steele's tips on doctoring up my nightcrawlers. It works great.

I also went fishing with 2 of my buddies and we used one of the crank bait retrieval methods I saw in the course to catch 40 walleye in about 3 hours or so.

The course also taught me how to judge the bite based on atmospheric pressure, and it's proven to work like a charm. I use the simple guide to determine exactly when the bite is on so I don't waste time and gas money fishing when it's not productive.

I can tell the old schoolers really know what they're doing just by listening to they way they present the information on the CD's. I'll be going over all this stuff for years to come.

Thanks for everything Dan. Just listening to you talk to these guys on the CD's shows me what a quality guy you are. You're a man of your word, something not found too often these days.

I just wanted to give you my thoughts.

Have a nice day, Dan.

David Nimmer
Campbells Fort, Wisconsin

A beauty David caught using the Advanced Ice
Fishing techniques in the course...

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You'll Be Stunned How Easy It Is To Haul In Monster Walleye When Your Package Arrives – In Just A Few Days...

WARNING: if you decide to “think about it”, and return later to find this introductory offer has expired (and the price has gone up to $297)… or you find out all the courses are gone and it'll never be offered again –- you’ll always wonder what secrets these old school walleye fishermen had to show you.

You’ll always wonder “what if” you missed the secrets that would have changed everything. I don't know about you, but I hate looking back and wondering "what if".

Look I've missed the boat a few times in my life... but you do not want to miss this.

Pick up your package NOW… use it… try every secret… catch as many walleye as you can… and then decide if you want to keep it. You can always send it back within 1 year.

Gone Fishin’,

Daniel Eggertsen
Fisherman & Creator of Old School Walleye Fishing Secrets

"I remembered a little twist Bruce Meyers uses with stick baits, so I tried it... and BANG. I got nailed hard."

(Click "play" to hear Bob's message - 1 minute 11 seconds)

Hey there Dan, this is Bob Lavergne calling to tell you that I'm very impressed with the information in your walleye course.

You promised I'd catch more (and bigger) walleye with these techniques... and I have. The course has exceeded my expectations in every way.

I was using my normal stick bait technique recently, and I wasn't getting a single bite. I remembered a little twist Bruce Meyers uses with stick baits, so I tried it... and BANG. I got nailed hard.

The fight was long... and when I finally got it to the boat, it was well over 10 pounds!

I stuck with Bruce’s' advice for the next hour and caught many walleye over 24 inches long.

On a later trip, I tried one of Frank Anselmo's techniques to catch over 30 walleye in a day of fishing -- very rare for the area I was in.

I can tell that all 12 of your old school fishermen have tested thousands of techniques... boiling it down to the proven strategies that are laid out in the course. I don't think any of them held back at all, judging on how well this stuff works.

Thanks for putting together such an amazing collection, Dan.

Have a nice day.

Bob Lavergne
Val Therese, Ontario

One of the over 30 walleye Bob caught in a short day of
fishing with Frank Anselmo's techniques in the course.

"I had used one of the ice fishing baits and strategies... to catch a 10 pound walleye that was 32 inches long."

(Click "play" to hear Tom's message - 1 minute 1 second)

Hi Dan, this is Tom Hill calling you.

I had to call and let you know that I had used one of the ice fishing baits and strategies discussed in the ice fishing portion of your walleye course to catch a 10 pound walleye that was 32 inches long.

He was a big 'ol hog. When I tried to lift the line, I thought I had snagged a log... but it started to move. Just like it was explained in your course - sometimes they'll head up toward the ice trying to loosen the hook and blow it out.

So I grabbed him by the head and pulled him out so he didn't have a chance to get away.

I'm almost exclusively an ice fishermen, and Jay Dayton and Frank Anselmo really got into the ice fishing stuff, and all the little tricks they have. They definitely know what they're talking about.

You really got these guys to spill some great old secrets, and I'm so glad I get to add all that knowledge to my arsenal.

Thanks a lot Dan.

Tom Hill
Pickford, Michigan

The 32-inch 9 pound walleye Tom nailed when using the ice fishing strategy guides in the course!

P.S. Imagine having hundreds of powerful (and completely unique) “instinct” walleye catching secrets at your fingertips. You’ll catch dozens (sometimes hundreds) of walleye – even when your fishing buddies can’t get a bite. When you place your order today you’ll receive the set of 8 CD’s, 8 step-by-step manuals, and these 5 free bonus gifts: (1) The Advanced Ice Fishing Mastery Course ($79 value), (2) The Advanced Trolling Secrets Course ($79 value) , (3) The Top 10 "Bonehead" Walleye Fishing Mistakes Special Report ($29 Value), (4) The “Cutting Through The Crap” Walleye Fishing Equipment Report ($49 Value, Lifetime Updates!), and (5) Free Shipping (if using payment plan 1 or 2, $15 value)

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